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Las Vegas Fraud Charges Come In Many Different Forms

Conduct and activities that can lead to charges for Las Vegas fraud crimes cover a wide spectrum.  Potential penalties often include heavy fines, lengthy prison sentences, restitution, and even reimbursement of investigation costs in some cases.  T… Read More
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Las Vegas DUI Breath and Blood Tests — What Happens If You Refuse?

Las Vegas visitors and residents need to understand the Nevada implied consent laws that apply to DUI breath and blood tests. If you’re pulled over for suspected DUI or arrested on a charge, refusing to take the tests can make your circumstance… Read More
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How to Avoid Firearm Criminal Charges in Las Vegas

If you visit or live in Las Vegas, numerous federal, state, and local laws regulate your possession, ownership, and use of firearms. Knowing the laws that apply locally will help you avoid facing firearm criminal charges in Las Vegas, by preventing a… Read More
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When Can You Get Your Las Vegas Criminal Record Sealed?

A criminal conviction on your record — or even an acquittal or dismissed charge — can negatively affect your life in many different ways. Under Nevada law, you may be able to seal your record. If you get your Las Vegas criminal record sealed, it… Read More
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7 Ways Marijuana Can Get You in Trouble With the Law in Las Vegas

Even though it is legal to buy marijuana in Las Vegas (as well as throughout the rest of Nevada), there still are quite a few ways that marijuana can get you in trouble with the law in Las Vegas. Knowing the rules ahead of time can prevent putting a… Read More
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Defending Against a Nevada Domestic Violence Protective Order

Nevada courts can issue temporary restraining orders for domestic violence without any advance notice to you. Defending against a Nevada domestic violence protective order is essential. If you are served, there are two extremely important steps you m… Read More
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5 Common Reasons for Las Vegas Visitor Arrests

Las Vegas fully lives up to its reputation as a place where you literally can party around the clock. But the slogan “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” only holds true to a certain extent. If your partying goes too far and gets you arrested… Read More
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5 Social Media Cautions from a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

When you visit Las Vegas for a lively good time, you should cut loose and enjoy yourself — that’s why you’re here, after all. But you should be careful about posting your adventures on social media. If you get a little too carried away, your po… Read More
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Domestic Violence Arrests Can Affect Your Firearm Rights in Nevada

If you are facing a Nevada criminal charge involving domestic violence, you need to be aware that a guilty plea or conviction can result in permanently losing your right to own firearms under state law, even if the charge is a misdemeanor. You can al… Read More
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Immigration Consequences of a Guilty Plea to a Nevada Crime Involving Violence or Threat of Violence

Author’s Note: On April 17, 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in the case of Sessions v. Dimaya. The decision declared a subsection of the federal law provision relating to the definition of “crime of violence”… Read More
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