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Is Criminal Intent Necessary For Conviction of a Crime?

The extent to which criminal intent is necessary for conviction of a crime depends primarily on the statutory definition of each individual criminal offense. Nevada has two different categories of crimes for intent purposes: specific intent offenses… Read More
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When Is Criminal Negligence a Crime?

The legal principle of negligence is a different concept in civil law and criminal law. In a civil negligence claim, a negligent person is legally responsible for paying financial compensation to victims injured by the negligent conduct. In a crimina… Read More
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Aggressive Driving & Reckless Driving Charges in Las Vegas

Recent news reports of a death from a possible road rage incident in Las Vegas put a renewed focus on Nevada criminal offenses arising from driving conduct. Aggressive driving and reckless driving charges can result from a road rage event even if no… Read More
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When Do Police Need To Warn You About Your Rights?

If police talk with you about anything, there are several important things you need to remember. First, you should understand the rights you have during law enforcement questioning. You also need to know when you can assert those rights. Finally —… Read More
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Police Searches in Las Vegas: Know Your Rights

You can protect your important legal rights by knowing the basic rules that apply to police searches. Evidence seized in law enforcement searches is a primary resource that prosecutors use in attempting to show the commission of a crime. On account o… Read More
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Did You Get a Traffic or Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas? Here’s What You Should Do.

Judging by the number of recent speeding violations and other traffic offenses in Las Vegas, the exuberance of residents and visitors over the casino reopenings translated into more impatient and aggressive driving habits. One local traffic safety of… Read More
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Benefits of Sealing a Criminal Record in Nevada

If you have a criminal record, it is publicly available and can negatively impact many aspects of your life, including employment and housing. Fortunately, Nevada has laws that enable many people to ask a court to seal their records. The statutes and… Read More
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New Bail Process Standards for Las Vegas Courts Under a Recent Nevada Supreme Court Decision

In most cases, a person charged with a criminal offense in Las Vegas can post bail to stay out of prison between arrest and future court dates. While Nevada statutes govern the bail process, a recent Nevada Supreme Court decision added constitutional… Read More
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3 Guidelines to Follow If You’re Arrested in Las Vegas

Even with the Covid-19 stay-at-home order in effect, Las Vegas Metro Police officers are still making arrests at a steady pace. Reports indicate a surprisingly high number of DUI arrests, as well as an increase in arrests for robbery and assault, inc… Read More
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Can You Face Conspiracy Charges in Nevada Even If You Don’t Commit a Crime?

In Las Vegas, the criminal offense of conspiracy may be charged under either Nevada state law or federal law. In both cases, a conspiracy charge alleges an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime. State law requires only the agreement… Read More
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