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What is the Necessity Defense in a Las Vegas DUI Case?

If you face a drunk driving charge in Las Vegas, a criminal defense attorney uses a range of strategies to defend against the charge. One strategy that applies in some circumstances is the necessity defense. Specific requirements must be met before y… Read More
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Las Vegas DUI Laws: What Visitors and Residents Need to Know

Nevada has some of the toughest drunk driving and drugged driving laws in the country — and Las Vegas police aggressively enforce those laws. Whether you are a visitor or resident, even a first DUI conviction can have a significant adverse effect o… Read More
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Is It Legal to Carry a Firearm in Las Vegas?

Nevada open carry laws for firearms apply throughout the state. However, other state and federal laws impose restrictions on where, when, and how you can carry a firearm. If you visit or live in Las Vegas, it’s essential to be aware of the legal re… Read More
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Las Vegas Protests & Demonstrations: Your First Amendment Rights

If you plan to participate in a Las Vegas protest or demonstration, it’s essential to know your rights ahead of time. You also should know what to do if you are detained or arrested and understand the laws that apply to public gatherings in Las Veg… Read More
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What Is the Difference Between Robbery and Burglary?

The Nevada criminal offenses of robbery and burglary are very different but the two charges often cause confusion. A significant difference is that robbery is a crime against a person, while burglary is a crime against property. Under state law, each… Read More
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When Is Harassment a Nevada Criminal Offense?

The Nevada criminal charge of harassment covers a broad range of conduct. Defending against a harassment charge is essential — and requires assistance from a skillful criminal defense attorney. A conviction on your record can result in significant… Read More
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Defending Against Nevada Felony Drug Possession Charges Under NRS 453.336

With the exception of small amounts of marijuana, possession of any amount of a scheduled controlled substance without a prescription is a felony in Nevada. Even a first offense carries harsh potential penalties. The consequences of a conviction go b… Read More
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Why Do You Need a Lawyer For Your First DUI Charge?

A first DUI charge can be a disconcerting and intimidating experience. Before you decide how to proceed, you should be certain that you fully understand all the criminal penalties and the other consequences of a guilty plea or conviction. The impact… Read More
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Self-defense in Nevada: Castle Doctrine and Stand-Your-Ground Laws

The State of Nevada has a number of statutes that apply to situations involving assertion of the right of self-defense. The laws establish clear criteria for when acting in self-defense is justifiable. However, whether use of force (particularly dead… Read More
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Is Criminal Intent Necessary For Conviction of a Crime?

The extent to which criminal intent is necessary for conviction of a crime depends primarily on the statutory definition of each individual criminal offense. Nevada has two different categories of crimes for intent purposes: specific intent offenses… Read More
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