Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada Legal Services

Located in Las Vegas, The Gersten Law Firm provides experienced legal representation to Nevada residents and out-of-state visitors. Our practice focuses primarily on criminal defense, family law, and personal injury.

Experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Joseph Gersten handles all state and federal charges, including drug charges, solicitation and prostitution, weapons and firearms charges, and domestic violence. He also assists clients in having their Nevada criminal records sealed. In family law, Attorney Gersten helps clients with a wide range of family matters, including divorce and child custody. His personal injury practice includes injuries from traffic and hotel accidents.

In addition to his primary practice areas, Attorney Gersten also helps clients with business-related matters, including business formation / choice of entity and contract drafting and review. He also provides general business counsel and advice to clients.

We also provide general legal services to clients: After their initial positive experience with our firm, clients often return when they encounter other legal problems. Attorney Gersten is always amenable to helping clients, no matter what type of legal issue they bring to him.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are a Nevada resident or an out-of-state visitor or tourist, being arrested in Las Vegas is a frightening—and complicated—experience. The Gersten Law Firm stands ready to defend you. Read More

Las Vegas Arrests

If you are arrested in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Clark County, the most important step to take—at the earliest opportunity—is finding an experienced criminal defense attorney. While the environment seems to say “anything goes,” Nevada has str… Read More

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges are serious business in Nevada. A conviction can result in a substantial fine, prison time, community service, counseling, a restraining order, and more. It can also negatively impact family law matters like divorce and cust… Read More

Drug Charges

If you are arrested on a drug charge in Nevada, the penalties can be severe, including stiff fines and prison time. A conviction leaves a permanent scar on your record that can affect employment opportunities and other vital aspects of your life. You… Read More

Prostitution Charges

If you are arrested and charged with prostitution or solicitation in Las Vegas, Henderson, or elsewhere in Clark County, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to represent you. Even though most prostitution offenses are misdemeanors, they… Read More

Sealing Nevada Criminal Records in Las Vegas

Nevada law allows criminal records to be sealed under specific circumstances. Sealing a record is not the same as expunging or removing it. In Nevada, it is not possible to expunge a criminal record, but it is possible to have the record sealed. When… Read More


Joseph Gersten is uniquely qualified to understand and defend against gun charges: He is an approved Concealed Firearm Instructor for Nevada and Utah and is certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) in more than nine (9) disciplines. Read More

Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief in Criminal Cases

If you are convicted in a criminal case in Nevada, you have right to appeal. You also may be able to file for other post-conviction relief. At The Gersten Law Firm, we have substantial experience in appealing criminal cases and pursuing post-convict… Read More

Sexual Assault

The Nevada crime of sexual assault is a very serious crime. Depending on the circumstances, including the age of the victim, the penalty can be life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. A conviction can ruin a person’s life by making it… Read More


Nevada laws on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Prohibited Substance — referred to as DUI or DUID — are very strict. Even a first conviction can significantly impact your life in many ways. Retaining skilled legal counsel often helps… Read More

Juvenile Offenses

In Nevada, the juvenile justice system is separate from Nevada’s criminal justice system, but juvenile charges are still a very serious matter. In some cases, a child under age eighteen (18) can be charged as an adult in district court instead of j… Read More

Probation and Parole Violations

Violating the conditions of probation or parole is a very serious matter in Nevada. The consequences can be severe. In the case of a probation violation, you may be required to serve the original suspended sentence, including going to prison. For a p… Read More


Any theft conviction or guilty plea — even for a misdemeanor — will negatively impact your life. A conviction on your public record can affect employment and housing opportunities, loan applications, and many other situations in which your record… Read More

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges are extremely serious in Nevada and carry potentially severe penalties. Regardless of the type of assault and battery charges you face, it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney defend vigorously aga… Read More

Criminal Conspiracy

Under both federal and Nevada criminal statutes, when two or more people agree to commit a crime, each person can be charged with conspiracy, in addition to any other charges arising from the agreement. Conspiracy charges are serious and complex. Def… Read More

Racketeering / RICO Charges

Criminal racketeering charges under the Nevada and federal RICO laws are extremely serious. Conviction can result in severe penalties. An aggressive defense is essential. Read More

Fraud and White Collar Crime

If you are facing any type of fraud or white-collar charge, it is essential to have a skillful, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney aggressively defend you. At The Gersten Law Firm, we draw on our unique background and extensive criminal defense… Read More

Las Vegas Traffic Violations

The consequences of a guilty plea or conviction for Las Vegas traffic ticket go far beyond paying the fine, whether you are a Nevada resident or a visitor from out of state. If you face a serious traffic charge, vigorous defense by an experienced Las… Read More

Family Law

Family law matters, including divorce and child custody, are emotionally difficult and sensitive. You want a compassionate, experienced family law attorney to guide you through the situation. Read More


If you are filing for divorce in Las Vegas or your spouse has filed a divorce complaint in Clark County, you need to make sure that all your rights and interests are protected. While the legal process of ending a marriage is not complicated, other im… Read More


Paternity substantially affects the legal rights and obligations of the father and mother of a child, as well as the parents’ ability to enjoy a relationship with the child. Attorney Joe Gersten has the skill, experience, and compassion to help yo… Read More

Legal Separation

Nevada married couples who consider divorce sometimes decide that a legal separation is a better alternative for their circumstances. Achieving a legal separation in Nevada requires completing a court process called an action for separate maintenanc… Read More

Termination of Parental Rights

An action for termination of parental rights is a very serious legal matter in Nevada, as it is in every state. The Nevada Supreme Court describes an order terminating a parent’s rights as “tantamount to imposition of a civil death penalty.” If… Read More

Child Custody

In determining physical and legal custody, the law requires a Nevada court to base its decision on what arrangement is in the best interests of the child. The statute contains specific criteria for the court to use in deciding whether joint physical… Read More

Relocation of Children / Parental Rights Protection Act

In Nevada, a custodial parent who wishes to relocate a child must comply with strict legal requirements before moving the child. In many cases, state law requires the relocating parent to secure written permission from the other parent or to file a… Read More

Alimony / Spousal Support

Nevada law authorizes judges to award several types of alimony during a divorce proceeding or as part of the divorce decree. Neither spouse is automatically entitled to receive alimony. The court weighs a number of factors in determining whether to… Read More

Property Settlement

When a married couple divorces or registered domestic partners end their relationship, dividing property often is an emotional, and stressful process. To make things even more complicated, specific Nevada laws govern property settlement and asset di… Read More

Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Orders

Under Nevada law, the District Court in Clark County may issue a temporary protection order when a family member threatens domestic violence or commits an act of domestic violence. The temporary order lasts for up to thirty (30) days and can be foll… Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement or premarital is an agreement made by two individuals prior to marriage. The agreement generally includes terms relating to property rights, as well as spousal support and alimony, in the event of separation or divorce. Read More


Annulment is a legal proceeding for ending a marriage in Nevada. A specific state law governs the process, which is available only in limited circumstances. When a marriage is annulled, the court order voids the marriage as if it never happened. In c… Read More

Child Support

In Nevada, both parents have legal responsibility to provide financial support for a child, regardless of whether the parents are married to each other. Complex statutes and recently revised regulations determine the amount of support. Read More