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Whether you are a Nevada resident or an out-of-state visitor or tourist, being arrested in Las Vegas is a frightening — and complicated — experience. The Gersten Law Firm stands ready to boldly and vigorously defend you against any criminal charge in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Clark County, whether the charge is in state or federal court.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Joseph Gersten is much more than just a criminal justice lawyer. He holds a Master of Forensic Sciences degree. He has law enforcement experience including working in intelligence with the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations. The analytical approach he takes to investigations is part of the tenacious strategy he uses in defending against criminal charges. When you turn to our firm, you work directly with Joseph Gersten, not an associate, paralegal, or case worker. Your initial consultation and case evaluation are free-of-charge—just contact us to schedule an appointment.

Aggressive Defense Lawyer for All State and Federal Criminal Charges

No matter what charges have been filed, attorney Joseph Gersten will put his experience to work for you. While penalties for criminal charges in Nevada can include stiff fines and prison time, tough negotiation can often result in reduced charges, suspended sentences, or even dismissal of the charges. The result depends entirely on the circumstances surrounding the arrest. As your attorney, Joseph Gersten will get to the bottom line quickly and pursue all opportunities for resolving the charges.

At The Gersten Law Firm, we handle defense of all state and federal criminal charges, as well as related proceedings, in Las Vegas and Clark County, including:

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Make All the Difference

Conviction on a Nevada criminal charge can carry a substantial fine and prison term. A conviction on your record can affect your life significantly in many ways. No matter what charge you are facing, having a tough, experienced criminal defense attorney with local knowledge and an investigation background can make a big difference in the outcome. Attorney Joseph Gersten knows the laws, defenses, and strategies to provide the most aggressive possible defense.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Las Vegas Defense Attorney

If you are facing any federal or state criminal charge in Las Vegas, Henderson, or elsewhere in Clark County, Las Vegas attorney Joseph Gersten will discuss and evaluate your case based on his extensive criminal defense and investigative experience. Your initial consultation is free-of-charge. Call 702.857.8777 or complete our online form to schedule an appointment.

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