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Statistical reports indicate that more than 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year. Most stay in one of the nearly 140,000 rooms in hotels, resorts, and casinos. Given those staggering numbers, it’s no surprise that some of those visitors are injured in hotel and casino accidents and incidents. In some cases, the business owner is legally responsible for compensating the visitor for those injuries under Nevada’s premises liability law.

Personal injury attorney Joseph Gersten has substantial trial experience, as well as keen investigative skills from his work with the United States Secret Service and the United States Food and Drug Administration. If you’ve been injured in an accident at a Las Vegas hotel or casino, The Gersten Law Firm stands ready to gather evidence, analyze your case, and hold the property owner accountable when that business is accountable under the law.

When you turn to our firm, you work directly with Joseph Gersten, not an associate, paralegal, or case worker. Your initial consultation and case evaluation are free-of-charge — just contact us to schedule an appointment.

What Types of Accidents Happen in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos?

There are many different types of accidents and injuries that can occur at a hotel or casino. Some are more common than others. Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents involving slippery floors or walkways or uneven carpet or flooring are among the more frequent types of accidents. In-room injuries also are fairly common and can involve anything from broken furniture, scaling hot water, to bedbugs.

Sometimes the injuries are caused by the condition of the property. Other times, the injuries are caused by something an employee does or does not do. Still other times, visitors can be injured by an assault on hotel property, perpetrated by person who is not employed by the hotel.

Other types of accidents and injuries can include:

  • Swimming pool accidents;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Nightclub incidents;
  • Shuttle bus accidents;
  • Elevator and escalator accidents;
  • Show performance injuries.

There are many other types of accidents and injuries that can occur in Las Vegas hotels and casinos as well.

When Is the Hotel Legally Responsible for Injuries?

Las Vegas hotels and casinos have the duty under Nevada law to make sure their property is safe and free of threats that can cause injuries. They have to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable accidents and injuries. The standard that applies is exercising the degree of care that an ordinarily careful person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.

If those duties are breached, and the failure to fulfill the duty causes injuries, the hotel may be legally liable. Nevada statutes have specific provisions that apply to the owners and operators of hotels and casinos as well.

Under Nevada law, a hotel is responsible for all buildings, as well as equipment and facilities, including parking lots and recreational facilities maintained in connection with the hotel. For injuries or death caused by someone other than an employee, the law limits the hotel’s responsibility. The hotel is responsible for injuries only if:

  • The wrongful act that caused the injury was foreseeable; and
  • The evidence establishes that the owner or operator did not exercise due care for the safety of the injured person.

If a non-employee causes a person’s death, the hotel is responsible only if:

  • The wrongful act that caused the death was foreseeable; and
  • The owner or keeper failed to take reasonable precautions against the foreseeable wrongful act.

Under the law, a wrongful act is not considered to be foreseeable unless:

  • The owner or operator failed to exercise due care for the safety of the injured person; or
  • The owner or operator had notice or knowledge of prior incidents of wrongful acts of similar nature.

Regardless of the type of accident or incident, whether the hotel or casino is legally responsible will depend on a detailed analysis of the facts and circumstances surrounding the injuries. If you’ve been seriously injured at a Las Vegas hotel or casino, only an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to evaluate the circumstances and determine whether you can hold the owner or operator responsible.

When Should You Talk With a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney?

If your injuries are relatively minor and you fully recover quickly — and your expenses are fully covered by your insurance — you may not need to talk with an attorney. However, if you suffered serious injuries with long-lasting treatment or effects, consulting an attorney is essential.

After you are injured, the first priority is getting the medical treatment you need. For significant injuries, it’s also important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you are able. It’s especially critical to talk with an attorney before you talk with hotel management, hotel risk management representatives, or an insurance company or adjuster representing the hotel. Making statements to hotel representatives right after your accident can harm your case. Most personal injury attorneys, including Joseph Gersten, do not charge for your initial consultation, so there is no reason for you to hesitate in contacting a lawyer.

For significant injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for more than just your medical bills. You may also be able recover financial damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning capacity, permanent disability, and other types of losses. Every situation is different. Your attorney will be able to tell you what you losses you can recover and estimate the overall amount of your damages.

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